Internet Explorer as an incarnation of evil

Today I’ve been banging my head against the wall, trying to fix a UI bug which basically consisted of the styles being applied anywhere – meaning, in any browser – except for IE. To be sure.

First I blamed in on CSS minifier, then, after checking and re-checking, I noticed that the “lost” styles were in the end of our CSS file – well, not the very end, but almost. I’ve checked some styles that were entered below those. They too were lost! Googling for “IE CSS max limit” pointed me in the right direction – which is, IE has a limit of 288 kb for CSS. And all the rest, it just ignores, utterly and completely. It’s IE 9 we’re talking about, not some ancient stuff.


And by the way, did I call it a browser? Scratch that. An oversight on my part.

P.S. Official Microsoft info on the subject:


About Maryna Cherniavska

I have productively spent 10+ years in IT industry, designing, developing, building and deploying desktop and web applications, designing database structures and otherwise proving that females have a place among software developers. And this is a good place.
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