Click and Mouse Down

Recently I have introduced a JavaScript bug into one of our components while trying to fix another one. With the fix, I added an onBlur event to the input component; and somehow it stopped another event handler, namely an onClick, from working properly – or, actually, at all.

This was a ReactJS component with state. Both handlers interacted with the state and updated it.

The fix turned to be quite easy but worth saving for later. The reason for that bug wasn’t immediately obvious, but it was the order of browser events. Blur comes before click, and any state change in ReactJs triggers a component re-rendering itself. So, onBlur handler caused the render() method to fire and that is why the second onClick handler was just lost.

The fix? Use onMouseDown in place of onClick.

This is the Q and A from StackOverflow which deals with the same problem.
And here is more information about mouse events order and focus events order.


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