What would you say to a job guarantee?

A few days ago I got a newsletter from Udacity about them adding something new to their Nanodegree Program – a Job Guarantee.

This is the first time I see something like that.
Yep, there’s a first time for anything, for example the concept of MOOC itself – and Udacity didn’t take the first place there; it was Coursera, as far as I can recall. (Of the first three courses Coursera offered, I took two at once!). But it seems that as more and more competition comes to the online courses market, the providers are starting to invent more elaborate methods to get a bigger share – and this, undoubtedly, is one of those methods!

What does this guarantee mean, exactly?
Well, it means that either you get a job in no more than six months after you’ve completed the Nanodegree, or you get the tuition back (and it’s from $1200 to $1800, as far as I know – $200 a month, six to nine months).

What’s the catch?
Well, for now it’s only available to US students, but Udacity tells us to stay tuned – it’s not going to stay that way forever.

I wonder what the percentage of the students getting a payback will be, compared to those who will actually find good employment. That will be interesting statistics, if Udacity will publish it. Well, we’ll wait and see. Fun times!



About Maryna Cherniavska

I have productively spent 10+ years in IT industry, designing, developing, building and deploying desktop and web applications, designing database structures and otherwise proving that females have a place among software developers. And this is a good place.
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