Come on baby and rescue me, or RescueTime productivity tool

Our life online is full of distractions. So much so that sometimes you want to track your time and make sure that you give it to the right cause, and not just kill it mindlessly. And when there’s a will, there’s a way. One of the ways I’ve been using for some years is the tool called RescueTime.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 11.46.35

What does it do? Well, as declared, it tracks your time. It is a watcher on the wall, and it knows all the applications you use, and all the websites you visit (scary huh?). Of course, as all the apps of this category, it learns – or, you teach it. When you start using it, it knows about some of the most popular distractions (Facebook, Twitter etc.) but not much more than that. And of course it doesn’t really know which software you use for work and which for entertainment. But after it tracks you for a week or so, you’ll be able to set the categories yourself for the apps and websites it logs. At first there’ll be a lot of things in “Uncategorized” category, then less and less, until it will basically learn everything you do and then it’ll classify your time properly.

Next step, after you classify your time, is to set your goals. For example, to “spend less than X hours a day on unproductive activities”, or “spend no less than X hours a day on programming”, etc.

And then… you just start trying to reach those goals. Yes, no app can do that one for you, it’s all yours. Well, RescueTime can help out a little – by making you get focused, essentially blocking the websites it knows to be your distractions, for some defined time period. However, this is a premium feature and as such, it’s paid. So, if you are using a free version (as do I), it’s all on you.

You are the master of your time.

Or… are you?
Well never mind. RescueTime will challenge you to be.


About Maryna Cherniavska

I have productively spent 10+ years in IT industry, designing, developing, building and deploying desktop and web applications, designing database structures and otherwise proving that females have a place among software developers. And this is a good place.
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3 Responses to Come on baby and rescue me, or RescueTime productivity tool

  1. Greg says:

    Yes absolutely love RescueTime! Although haven’t be particularly productive the last few weeks :\

    • Well I’m not the one to diagnose people based on the picture, but looks like you’re overworked. So, no wonder that the productivity ratio goes down. Maybe you should just, you know, take some rest once in a while? =)

      • Greg says:

        Haha yeah 60h looks like a lot but it’s just everyday computer use really, 60h is lower than average for me :\ starting a new job this week so will be interesting to see how productive that time will be spent, probably around 65-75%

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