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I have productively spent 10+ years in IT industry, designing, developing, building and deploying desktop and web applications, designing database structures and otherwise proving that females have a place among software developers. And this is a good place.

Come on baby and rescue me, or RescueTime productivity tool

Our life online is full of distractions. So much so that sometimes you want to track your time and make sure that you give it to the right cause, and not just kill it mindlessly. And when there’s a will, … Continue reading

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Describe your API, or Here comes Apiary

There’s an interesting service out there called Apiary which I think was quite underutilized by us, because I only used it a few times in my work. The importance of it, however, was recently proved by it having been bought by … Continue reading

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Why Google is worried, or Are you scared of job interviews?

Recently I’ve been contacted by a Google recruiter, who wrote that she saw my CV in their database and decided to contact me about an opportunity in Switzerland. I declined, because at the time I had a lot on my … Continue reading

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Interview questions: verify the braces

This is one of the easier coding tasks, but you still can meet it in some preliminary tech screening. The problem looks like this: Given a string containing just the characters ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘{‘, ‘}’, ‘[‘ and ‘]’, determine if the … Continue reading

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Cover your bases, or How to play the tests

Writing tests is an important part of a developer’s job, however, it can be boring. Especially if you are not a TDD fan and leave the tests for after the code is done, so that you have to write a … Continue reading

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What programmers want

Recently I’ve been asked by an HR person to tell which factors influence Java programmers wanting to change a job, what is important when we consider a change. I gave it a great deal of thought, and the result has been so extensive as to warrant a blog post. Which I now present here.

I don’t aspire to cover everything or to be completely objective, but I tried to think of everything that can be important from my point of view. So, here goes everything. Continue reading

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There’s something about… ThreadPoolExecutor

There’s definitely a lot to say about Executors in Java and ThreadPoolExecutor as a particular case, but what I recently ran into was a simple issue. An application gets a large stream of data from source to destination; it does so concurrently so as to speed up the process. Problem was, when I added the parallelism, the application started running out of memory very soon. Continue reading

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