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ElasticSearch for dummies, or why you can’t find what you just indexed

So, let’s say you are starting to use ElasticSearch. You have created a new index and put some data there. Then you go and try to search by one of the fields… and can’t find a thing. How can this … Continue reading

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ElasticSearch – query with cURL

This will be a very short post. Actually, its purpose is to remind myself of the ways to query ES from terminal. Why do it from terminal when there’s a nice ES web console (elasticsearch-head plugin)? Well suppose you don’t … Continue reading

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Elasticsearch – why have index_analyzer AND search_analyzer

In our projects, we use Elasticsearch for indexing data. It’s a text search engine built over Lucene indexes. Recently I was investigating a bug about how the system wasn’t finding something it was supposed to find using a specific query. … Continue reading

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