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Local type inference in Java 10, or If it quacks like a duck

Quite recently, Oracle adopted a new strategy of releasing a new language version every six months. The strategy assumes that only every 3rd version will have long-term support, or LTS. Quick notes about it: Current version that has LTS is … Continue reading

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How to write less and better code, or Project Lombok

I have long intended to write about Project Lombok, so much so that I am probably doing it when every self-respecting Java developer has already heard about it. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning, if only to remind myself that one should not hesitate to try performance-enhancing tools and see if they fit, and Lombok is certainly enhancing performance of a Java-coder by allowing to simultaneously write less code and have better quality code. Continue reading

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JetBrains Impending Subscriptions: An Update

JetBrains announced that they are moving forward with the subscriptions scheme. However, they have made some changes to it. The main is the Perpetual Fallback Licence, which will allow to continue using the software version bought once. This license will … Continue reading

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The subscription hook

In IT, everyone knows what an IDE is. Even those old-school die-hards or new kid rock-stars on the scene who are writing code in vim, or emacs, or whatever, they know what an IDE is (but of course they think … Continue reading

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How to setup IntelliJ Idea for Scala SBT projects

This is something I need quite often for Coursera because I can’t stand Eclipse. Really, I can’t. I suppose there’s no accounting for taste, right, so don’t think I’m prejudiced or anything. I just feel more comfortable doing the course … Continue reading

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