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Out of sight, out of mind, or How to be productive when working remotely

We live in a world where technology seemingly lessens the need for actual office space. In IT industry especially, there seems to be less and less sense to actually come to work. At some point, telecommuting was all the rage, … Continue reading

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Programming interview: sell your real self

We are looking for a software developer. We need more hands on deck. And therefore, we are interviewing. As an interviewer, one can see the process from the other side of the table. And there’s one thing that’s become painfully obvious … Continue reading

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Happy anniversary… job anniversary

In about a week, it’s going to be six years that I work in the current project. Somehow I thought it would only be five years this april and it’s six. Wow, time really does fly. I actually forgot that yes, it is … Continue reading

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To speak… or not

With my love for MOOCs, I am currently going through Mastering the Software Engineering Interview from University of San Diego. It’s part of the specialization I am taking; otherwize I might not have tried it. I’ve just only finished the first week, … Continue reading

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Just say yes

There’s a really nice article by Gayle Laakmann where she tells how she wrote her first draft of what later became one of bestselling programming interview books. What is interesting is that she didn’t mean to write a book. She … Continue reading

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