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Come on baby and rescue me, or RescueTime productivity tool

Our life online is full of distractions. So much so that sometimes you want to track your time and make sure that you give it to the right cause, and not just kill it mindlessly. And when there’s a will, … Continue reading

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Describe your API, or Here comes Apiary

There’s an interesting service out there called Apiary which I think was quite underutilized by us, because I only used it a few times in my work. The importance of it, however, was recently proved by it having been bought by … Continue reading

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Organizing your mind: books to Trello

I have a lot of books to read. Actually, I have read a lot of books, too. I am always reading. When I was a kid, the easiest way to shut me up and give my parents some peace and … Continue reading

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JetBrains: new payment model

So, this is on. JetBrains new subscription model is now live and you can check it out. If you ask me, it’s not that bad. There are discounts for existing subscriptions, too.

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Beautiful Mind… Maps

This post is actually not about beautiful minds but about an instrument allowing your mind to become better organized. And therefore hopefully more beautiful. This instrument is called mind maps. When I heard the term before it sounded complicated. When … Continue reading

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