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Interview questions: verify the braces

This is one of the easier coding tasks, but you still can meet it in some preliminary tech screening. The problem looks like this: Given a string containing just the characters ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘{‘, ‘}’, ‘[‘ and ‘]’, determine if the … Continue reading

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Programming interview: sell your real self

We are looking for a software developer. We need more hands on deck. And therefore, we are interviewing. As an interviewer, one can see the process from the other side of the table. And there’s one thing that’s become painfully obvious … Continue reading

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Some more on interview questions – Heaps

I haven’t been writing anything for some time. It is not because I was a lazy git; quite the contrary, it is because I have been studying for the interview. Yes, for another interview which I, miraculously, have not failed … Continue reading

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Returning to interview questions

There is a lot of types of interview. One is a #developer-in-a-vacuum type, where you are getting questions on algorithms and data structures and system architecture. The interviewers of this type couldn’t care less about your previous experience or the … Continue reading

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How Achilles overtakes the Tortoise in linked list

Achilles and the Tortoise is one of the Greek philosopher’s Zeno’s paradoxes. In a race, the quickest runner can never overtake the slowest, since the pursuer must first reach the point whence the pursued started, so that the slower must … Continue reading

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