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Our Rockstars Are Not Like Your Rockstars, or Andrew Ng is back

Do you remember Andrew Ng? I am going to remind you anyway. Six years ago University of Stanford launched three online software courses called Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Introduction to Databases. (I registered for ML and DB then). The … Continue reading

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Developers Ecosystem in 2017: JetBrains survey

Recently JetBrains conducted an extended survey about the developers ecosystem, that is, what languages/frameworks the developers are using, in which companies they work (by size), what is the demographical situation etc. The survey obviously mainly covers the users of JetBrains products, so it is not the whole dev ecosystem, but it is interesting still. Continue reading

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Organizing your mind: books to Trello

I have a lot of books to read. Actually, I have read a lot of books, too. I am always reading. When I was a kid, the easiest way to shut me up and give my parents some peace and … Continue reading

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Programming interview: sell your real self

We are looking for a software developer. We need more hands on deck. And therefore, we are interviewing. As an interviewer, one can see the process from the other side of the table. And there’s one thing that’s become painfully obvious … Continue reading

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To speak… or not

With my love for MOOCs, I am currently going through Mastering the Software Engineering Interview from University of San Diego. It’s part of the specialization I am taking; otherwize I might not have tried it. I’ve just only finished the first week, … Continue reading

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What would you say to a job guarantee?

A few days ago I got a newsletter from Udacity about them adding something new to their Nanodegree Program – a Job Guarantee. This is the first time I see something like that. Yep, there’s a first time for anything, … Continue reading

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Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree

I love courses. It is because I like learning things and I like the structured, planned environment that a lot of MOOCs provide. Now, however, MOOC are more than just separate courses. Coursera provides Specializations. Udacity provices Nanodegrees. They come … Continue reading

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