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Describe your API, or Here comes Apiary

There’s an interesting service out there called Apiary which I think was quite underutilized by us, because I only used it a few times in my work. The importance of it, however, was recently proved by it having been bought by … Continue reading

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Why Google is worried, or Are you scared of job interviews?

Recently I’ve been contacted by a Google recruiter, who wrote that she saw my CV in their database and decided to contact me about an opportunity in Switzerland. I declined, because at the time I had a lot on my … Continue reading

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Interview questions: verify the braces

This is one of the easier coding tasks, but you still can meet it in some preliminary tech screening. The problem looks like this: Given a string containing just the characters ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘{‘, ‘}’, ‘[‘ and ‘]’, determine if the … Continue reading

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Cover your bases, or How to play the tests

Writing tests is an important part of a developer’s job, however, it can be boring. Especially if you are not a TDD fan and leave the tests for after the code is done, so that you have to write a … Continue reading

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What programmers want

Recently I’ve been asked by an HR person to tell which factors influence Java programmers wanting to change a job, what is important when we consider a change. I gave it a great deal of thought, and the result has been so extensive as to warrant a blog post. Which I now present here.

I don’t aspire to cover everything or to be completely objective, but I tried to think of everything that can be important from my point of view. So, here goes everything. Continue reading

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ElasticSearch for dummies, or why you can’t find what you just indexed

So, let’s say you are starting to use ElasticSearch. You have created a new index and put some data there. Then you go and try to search by one of the fields… and can’t find a thing. How can this … Continue reading

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How to get a list of Tomcat session IDs using JMX and jconsole

Sometimes you want to check if a session is alive or already dead. There’s several ways how you can do it, but I want to tell about the one I found which looks rather simple – it’s by exposing catalina … Continue reading

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